Republicans� horrible week (and not-great year) was entirely predictable

Republicans’ horrible week (and not-great year) was entirely predictable

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz. ) said on Oct. 24 that he will not run for reelection in 2018. Flake said the particular GOP is at risk of becoming the “fearful, backward-looking minority party. inch (U. S. Senate)

Nine months into gaining complete control of Washington, Republicans are not exactly where they hoped they’d be. Quite far from it, actually. They have simply no major legislative accomplishments to promote. After this week, they are tipping in to a civil war. And early forms suggest voters would rather elect the generic Democrat than a generic Conservative in next year’s congressional polls.

All of this was completely predictable  â€? not that there had been much Republican leaders could perform about it. And yes, I’m talking about President Trump. But Republicansâ€? breaking was evident long before Trump rode down that escalator in Trump Tower two and a half years ago.

“I think we’re trying to figure out when Republicans are either going to hit rock bottom or make the party great again,” said Doug Heye, an ex top Republican House aide plus GOP consultant. “And to me, Trump is a symptom of that as much as he is a current cause.”

Let’s rundown three main reasons that the difficult 7 days Republicans just had â€? and the not-great year they’re still having â€? were entirely predictable.

1. Trump is usually Trump.

After Trump got elected, congressional Conservatives made a decision to forget the campaign. The particular ninth Supreme Court seat, repealing Obamacare and passing the first goverment tax bill in decades all took priority over all the negatives that come with Trump, including the “Access Hollywood” tape,  Trump’s unpredictability, his rhetoric toward the GOP in the campaign and his fundamental resistance to traditional Republican positions on problems such as trade policy.

But Trump wouldn’t let them forget.  Day by day, he proved a lot of Republicansâ€? worst fears about your pet. A short list:

1. He’s very defensive and prides himself upon “counterpunching” â€? regardless of whether the critique is coming from within his own celebration.

2. He demands {loyalty|devotion|commitment|dedicatio


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