‘Rocket League’ is finally coming to the particular Nintendo Switch in November

'Rocket League' is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch in November

Image: rocket league/screenshot

Mark your calendars, people.  

Rocket League will be lastly released on the Nintendo Switch on Nov 14.

According to video game developer Psyonix, the Switch edition of the football-racing hybrid will have “content, features and modes available in various other versions of the game, ” yet will also feature battle cars which are exclusive to the Switch, including “Mario NSR, ” “Luigi NSR, inch and “Samus’ Gunship. “

The game will retail for $19. 90 through Nintendo’s e-shop.  

People got pretty excited about the particular launch, to say the least.

But if you truly aren’t wait, here’s a peek at Skyrocket League’s gameplay to get you through:

Nintendo and Psyonix got earlier confirmed Rocket League for your Switch at E3 2017. They have already available on PC, PlayStation four and Xbox One.

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