Samsung allegedly plans to unveil brand new Galaxy S smartphones at TOUS CES

Samsung allegedly plans to unveil new Galaxy S smartphones at CES

Setting the particular tech agenda at CES.

Image: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

In many ways, these days it seems the particular annual CES tradeshow in Vegas is where consumer tech goes to expire. Vibrating smart jeans? Bizarre wearables? Temporary tattoo printers? Check, check out, and check. All the biggest titles like Apple, Microsoft, and Search engines have largely abandoned the event as being a place for major product shows in favor of their own press events.  

Samsung, however , might be about to alter all that. According to VentureBeat, the Southern Korea-based manufacturer is set to reveal the latest iteration in its line of Universe S smartphones at next year’s CES in just a couple of months. That’s right, this particular January might bring with it the sneak peek at both the Universe S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Citing “someone briefed on the company’s plans, ” the publication reviews that the new phones will discuss the same Infinity curved Super AMOLED displays as previous models. Nevertheless , the S9+ is said to have 6GB of ram â€? whereas the particular non-plus will have a measly 4 GIG.

CES knows how to wow.

CES knows the way to wow.

Image: Anadolu Agency /Getty Images

What other exciting news will there be? For starters, the phones are apparently keeping the headphone jack. Therefore that’s good. There’s also a rumored 2nd rear camera on the 9+.  

Notably, Samsung is still scheduled to keep a March event that is anticipated to serve as the phones’ official release. However , the reported CES teaser â€? if true â€? claims to inject a much needed little bit of relevancy into the Las Vegas happenings.  

Because while the numerous tech oddities showcased each year at CES are usually fun, a majority fade into oblivion and have no real impact on the particular lives of consumers. New smartphones through Samsung would buck that pattern, and we couldn’t be happier about this.  

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