Samsung’s new sensor will bring ‘portrait mode’ to cheaper phones

Samsung's new sensor will bring 'portrait mode' to cheaper phones

If you’re a fan of the blurred history “portrait mode” shots taken upon phones like the Apple iPhone or Samsung Note 8, get ready for way more mobile phones to be capable of this in the near future.

And the good news is, a lot of them are likely to be much more affordable than Apple and Samsung’s pricey flagships.

On Wed, Samsung, which also supplies cell phone parts to other makers, announced a brand new 12 megapixel image sensor nick that comes with a dual pixel style.

Those split pixels are usually key to generating that level photo effect � and with just one lens, instead of the two lenses we all see with the iPhone Plus variations and Note 8.

The new chip, under Samsung’s wider Isocell line, is called the Quick 2L9. Its dual pixels can offer the slightest shift in viewpoint when a shot is taken. In the split second, the phone uses the difference between your two shots, in order to figure out precisely to be kept sharp in the downroad, and what to blur in the history.

The new 2L9 sensor.

We’ve already seen this particular technology in action with Google’s newest Pixel 2 smartphone, which utilizes a dual pixel sensor. Right now, the primary competition achieves the bokeh impact with two lenses â€? 1 wide angle and one telephoto.

Samsung said its latest potato chips were designed in response to “market need for sleeker smartphones with innovative features. “ 

Squeezing the double pixel capability into a 1 . 28μm sensor means we’ll see a lot more phone makers be able to shave lower cost and size needed for an additional lens, to offer portrait mode upon midrange to higher-end hardware.

Guess we can expect to see far more of those depth effect food pictures on Instagram. a2d2 4a0e%2fthumb%2f00001



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