Satisfy the sequel to InvizBox, the online personal privacy device

Meet the sequel to InvizBox, the online privacy device

In a period where everything from your phone for your fridge has an internet connection, InvizBox surfaced to protect you from the vulnerability that may come with being connected all the time. The particular InvizBox was a simple subscription-based gadget that you plugged into your router. This routes all traffic over to the anonymous Tor network to help safeguard your web surfing from spying eyes. It was quite the part of online security, and now it’s progressing up on Kickstarter.

The InvizBox 2 takes your secure internet surfing a step further by encrypting all of your traffic. Setup is as basic as plugging it into your router and letting it do its matter from there. It also promises to provide quicker internet speed for all of your person devices, so the people in your house not have to worry about butting heads over the Wi-fi again. Parents can even set parent restrictions to protect their kids from the more dark corners of the ‘net.

When you pair the Invizbox two with its portable companion, the InvizBox Go, it allows you to connect to your house network from anywhere in the world, so you have always a connection. It can even let you gain access to region-locked content in case you wanted to view Japanese Netflix, or something.

Check out the Kickstarter web page for InvizBox 2 to learn more.

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