Say goodbye to those Apple earbuds for these innovative headphones

Ditch those Apple earbuds for these revolutionary headphones

We’re getting hi-tech Spider-Man vibes.

Image: audeze

One would think that in the near-century given that headphones were first invented in your kitchen of a guy named Nathaniel Baldwin, humanity would have perfected the technologies by now. Alas, one would be incorrect: Your average headphones â€? state, those white Apple earbuds that will everyone and their brother has â€? are so tangle-prone that Shaun Goldblum sold them in a fictional artisanal knot store on Portlandia.  

The Audeze iSine 10 In-Ear Earphones, however , are not your average earphones. A 2017 CES Innovation Honoree, these funky, futuristic, and comfortable headphones apparently use patented Fluxorâ„? Magnets and Uniforceâ„? voice-coil technologies to deliver a listening experience such as none other â€? and everybody’s taking notice.  

According towards the product listing, the secret to iSine’s striking sound quality is 30mm planar-magnetic drivers, a type of speaker technology that previously only existed in earphones with large ear pads. Based on Audeze’s website, this unique design contains a diaphragm with circuit and magnets arrays that produces an electromagnetic force when energized with an audio transmission. The resulting sound, which can be personalized in real time using the Audeze iOS application, has an overall distortion of lower than 0. 1%, even at higher volumes.  

Oh, and great news for Apple disciples: Every set of iSine headphones includes a specially enhanced CIPHERâ„? Lightning cable that produces 24-bit digital audio from your iPhone, ipod device, or iPad, meaning you can (finally) throw out those cheap buds that will came free with the purchase of the device.

 Click here in order to head over to the Mashable Shop, exactly where they’re on sale for a limited period for only $319 â€? the savings of 20%.



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