Seagate unveils world’s largest and quickest 12TB 3. 5-inch hard drive

Seagate unveils world's largest and fastest 12TB 3.5-inch hard drive

Image: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no this kind of thing as too much PC storage space â€? more is always better.

Whether you’re a creative professional, game player, or just a digital hoarder, if you want the particular world’s largest and fastest desktop computer hard drive, look no further than Seagate’s new BarraCuda Pro. The 3. 5-inch hard disk drive comes with a whopping 12 terabytes associated with storage. That’s a lot of porn, emergeny room, 4K cat videos you could storage space on it.

Lots of people possess 500GB, or 1TB, and sometimes even 2TB of storage in their desktop computer systems. Which is a lot of storage for huge, high-resolution 4K (or higher) movies and hardcore PC games.  

However, 12 terabytes takes this to the next level, for a mechanical platter-based hard drive. The BarraCuda Pro is not a solid-state drive (SSD), so it provides moving parts, but even so, it can still ridiculously fast. The generate spins at 7, 200 rpm and has a continuous read and compose speed of 250 MB/s along with 256 MB cache.

But that’s a lot of nerdy things only nerds care about. How much garbage can you hold with 12TB associated with storage?

Too much garbage, that’s what. Here’s how this breaks down based on a few common mass media files:

  • About 12, 000, 000 e-books (at an average dimension of 1MB per e-book)

  • About 6, 000, 000 photos (12-megapixel iPhone 7 photos at an typical size of 2MB)

  • About 3 or more, 000, 000 iTunes songs (at an average size of 4MB to have an average 4-minute tune)

  • About two, 666 Full HD movies through iTunes (at an average of 4. 5GB per movie)

  • About 480 Blu-Rays (at an average size of 25GB)

Seagate says it’s new hard disk drives are suitable for VR, AR, 4K, and 360-degree videos, which often  be much larger files. In other words, this particular bad boy might be the perfect storage alternative for your VR porn collection.

The cost for all this storage space, however , isn’t cheap. Seagate has not announced any pricing, but electronic devices retailer B& H has it outlined for $480. cbe3 44e0%2fthumb%2f00001



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