Search engines announces a fix for the -pixel 2 buzzing noise

Google announces a fix for the Pixel 2 buzzing noise

One by one, Google is squashing all those annoying Pixel 2 plus 2 XL bugs with software program updates.  

According to one accounts on the Pixel User Community forums, the problem consists of a “high pitch frequency properly clicking when the screen is upon and unlocked with ear to the device like you are on a telephone call. “

Now, as reported simply by Android Police, one of Google’s neighborhood managers acknowledged the issue in a brief post.  

“We’re rolling away a software update in the coming several weeks which eliminates a faint humming sound on some Pixel two devices when the phone is placed for your ear during a phone call, ” the particular post said.  

This is simply one of several issues Pixel 2 proprietors have reported; others include display screen burn-in issues as well as odd clicking on noises (which appear to be a separate problem from the buzzing noises bug).  

That’s a fair amount of bugs to get a much-anticipated, high-profile flagship phone. In order to Google’s credit, the company has tackled all major issues with software up-dates and announced further updates down the road to fix any remaining bugs.  

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