Search engines got duped by a fake advertisement blocker, and 37, 000 individuals accidentally downloaded adware

Google got duped by a fake ad blocker, and 37,000 people accidentally downloaded adware

Image: Mark Lennihan/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Some 37, 000 people down loaded a spam version of the “AdBlock Plus” extension from Google following a fraudulent ad blocking extension snuck through Google Chrome’s verification procedure and appeared in the Chrome Online store yesterday.

It’s easy to see precisely why Google (and some 37, 000 people) were tricked â€? the particular developer who packaged the ad ware into an extension used the name of the already popular and legitimate expansion, AdBlock Plus.

Additionally, the particular bogus page in the Chrome shop came with reviews. In short, the deceptive extension looked pretty realistic. Tweets user SwiftOnSecurity, who regularly twitter posts about web security, posted a picture of the devious extension:

Google eventually caught wind flow of the breach and removed the particular deceitful adware, but it remains not clear just how harmful the malware is perfect for those who already downloaded the extension. One or more unfortunate user says they’re getting hit with ads. In a screenshot of a review, posted by SwiftOnSecurity, the user states that the “instant it was added to Chrome started getting intrusive ads with high volume amounts opening new tabs. “

Though Google took down the adware, SwiftOnSecurity was unimpressed by Google’s failing to stop this malware from coming through and ending up conspicuously shown in the Chrome store in the first place:

The 37, 000 infected users probably hope this particular public shaming further motivates Search engines to buffer the Chrome store’s verification process. After all, malicious programmers will only get more inventive if the issue isn’t fixed.  

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