Search engines removes Maps feature showing calories from fat and mini-cupcakes after huge on-line backlash

Google removes Maps feature showing calories and mini-cupcakes after huge online backlash

Google is constantly tests new features for its Maps application, from the estimated elevation for bike riders to video footage of the searched place.  

But this time, a feature regarding directions that shows you how many calories from fat you’d burn when in strolling mode caused quite a backlash on-line.  

With the test update, which usually also showed you how many small cupcakes (! ) you’d burn off if you walked instead of drove, Search engines probably wanted to motivate people to stop being lazy bastards to be much healthier. It got the opposite reaction.  

While other navigation apps such as Citymapper, which is incredibly popular in the united kingdom, already have a calorie-counting feature, the particular pink-coloured mini cupcakes really raise red flags to people online who saw this as perpetrating fat-shaming culture, especially of women:

In addition, it turned out it wasn’t feasible to switch the feature off, since Politico’s Taylor Lorenz noted:

And people rightly pointed that it’s very triggering for people with eating problems:

Google Maps confirmed to Mashable it removed the experiment, that was for iPhone users only, depending on strong user feedback.  


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