Search engines slashes its ridiculously-priced dongle for you to Apple’s level

Google slashes its ridiculously-priced dongle to Apple's level

Google took a page outside of Apple’s book and killed the particular headphone jack with its new -pixel 2 phones â€? which means that should you wish to enjoy some music on a list of old school headphones with a 3. five mm connection, you’re gonna have to have a dongle.  

When the first -pixel USB-C to 3. 5 mm plug dongle was announced, there was an enormous problem: Google planned to sell the particular accessory for $20. That’s twofold the cost of Apple’s headphone jack workaround, which is available for $9. Unsurprisingly, folks online were not pleased.  

Here’s the Google USB-C Digital to three. 5 mm headphone adapter hardlock. Pretty standard dongle, there â€? certainly not worth $20. Thankfully, Search engines relented and dropped the price for you to Apple’s level, $9, which was seen by 9to5Google.

Solid dongle, Google.

Solid dongle, Google.

Sure, every brand-new Pixel 2 and Pixel two XL will have a dongle in the box when the phones are introduced on Oct. 19, but individuals little buggers get lost easily. We generally keep mine attached to a couple over the ear headphones to keep it by being misplaced â€? but if you aren’t switching between multiple sets, possibly want at least two dongles, if.  

Google’s move to cut the particular dongle’s cost preemptively shows that it offers learned by following in Apple’s actions. Last year, one of the first-gen Pixel’s major marketing points was that it had a headphone jack, which the iphone 3gs 7 famously lacked â€? while the second iteration rolled around without having one, the best move would probably always be to keep the switch under the senseur with comparably priced accessories.  

You’ll now be able to stock up on added dongles for less than $10, and The apple company and Google are on equal a foot-hold. But seriously, if the iPhone several wasn’t reason enough to switch for you to wireless headphones, this should be your continue straw. b401 5789%2fthumb%2f00001


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