Shanghai in china marathoners can plug in their information to produce 3D run graph

Shanghai marathoners can plug in their data to produce 3D run graph

Runners in the past weekend’s Shanghai race are taking home an unique personalised memorabilia of their run.

The 30, 000 runners have been invited in order to plug in their run data from your event into a platform that will create a 3D visualisation of how they carried out.  

The colourful chart could be panned in 360 degrees on the mobile phone with WebGL, and will reveal how fast each runner proceeded to go over different stretches of the competition.

The platform is the creation of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai in china, who produced it for THE CAR. It will accept data from well-known Chinese fitness apps CoDoon, JoyRun, and Rejoice. Here’s an example of exactly what runners will get on their phones.

If you pan the particular graphic up, some additional statistics will appear:

BMW’s internet site says participants can expect their customised charts next week, on Nov. 25.

Wieden+Kennedy just released this particular video explaining the project:

This sure beats getting a regular medal for participation.

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