Slack introduces a new interactive screen expressing tool

Slack introduces a new interactive screen sharing tool

The collaborative place of work platform Slack just announced the adding one of its most requested functions: a new screen-sharing tool.

Slack previously allowed users on a contact to share screens with other collaborators, great, Slack users can also allow other people to interact with the screen in many ways, including typing, drawing, plus editing on the screen.

Here’s an example of a Slack screen along with multiple participants interacting at once:

To enhance its screen-sharing ability, Slack acquired the collaborative workplace app Screenhero in 2014 and has been incrementally moving Screenhero’s interactive features into the official Slack apps and clients. Now, the particular integration is complete, and Slack says it will sunset the Screenhero on December 1 .  

To facilitate the migration for nevertheless active Screenhero users, Slack will offer you a 60-day trial for those who may already have a paid Slack accounts.

Enabling this new online screen-sharing ability on Slack appears pretty simple. During a Slack call, you just need to to hit the “Share control of your own screen” button which will then provide each participant on the call their very own cursor. They can now type, modify, and draw on the shared display screen. Happy collaborating. 2c50 48da%2fthumb%2f00001



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