Snapchat just released a $80 dance hot dog costume

Snapchat just released a $80 dancing hot dog costume

If you still don’t know what you’re going to become for Halloween, don’t worry. Coming from found just the thing.

Snap Inc. has released a Dance Hot Dog Costume  today via its online Amazon store. The particular costume sells for $80 and it is even available for two-day shipping â€? making it a great option for anyone nevertheless scrambling to find a costume.

Finally, you can rest assured knowing that the particular awful you’ve been considering till this point â€? like a Kylo Ren, a Minion, and Harley Quinn  costume â€? can finally be used off your list. Nothing is going to become anywhere near as fun being a freaking dancing hot dog, plus anyone who’s not planning on putting on this to their next Halloween celebration needs to get with the times.

Oh, and did we point out it’s only $80? Don’t be worried about dumping your beer money on the Halloween costume â€? you can’t put a cost on the hilarity of a hot-dog-filter take with a real, living hot canine. It’s going to be totally worth it.

The costume itself is an easy two piece fit. It’s technically a tunic, with attached sleeves and fingers. The accompanying pants match exactly the same red of the actual hot canine filter, and are even attached to crimson shoe covers, so even the many cynical of your party guests is just not suspect that you’re not the real thing.  

We know what you’re wondering: Can I Snapchat while wearing Snapchat’s costume? Fear not really. There are slits in the hand addresses, so you can crank out an emergency Tale update at any point.  

Oh yes, also, apparently Snap makes outfits now. That’s right, this hot canine is the real deal â€? it’s created by Snap itself.  

If you believe your parties could use more Snapchat swag, but aren’t on the market for any hot dog costume, check out the snow tray, backpack, beach towel, plus playing cards that the brand has going swimming.  

But we think $80 is really a small price to pay for this success. What else are you going to spend your hard earned money on? Real hot dogs? 2d89 e378%2fthumb%2f00001



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