Snapchat Stories gets restaurant booking, testimonials, and ride-hailing

Snapchat Stories gets restaurant booking, reviews, and ride-hailing

Snapchat can be taking a move straight out of Google’s playbook with a new feature that provides restaurant reviews, reservation booking, plus ride-hailing directly to snaps.

The feature is called context cards, also it allows Snapchat to surface info related to a particular restaurant or company when someone views a publicly-viewable Snap related to that place.  

Now, when you view a Snap that is part of an “Our Story, inch Snaps that have contextual information offered will have a “more” menu. Swipe up on these Snaps and you’ll get a feed of details related to that will location, including business hours, get in touch with information, ratings and reviews, plus links to table-booking and trip hailing services.

Here’s what looks like in action:

The cards themselves are run by a number of third-party companies which have teamed up with Snap on the function. Initial partners include: Foursquare, Above all, Lyft, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Resy, Michelin’s reservation service Booktable, and goop, which provides info from its city manuals.

Not all of the services plus information will display at once for each location, but Snap says the concept is to create a personalized feed that is relevant to what each user may need at the time.

The content from the cards changes based on the location � a restaurant may have links in order to reviews and table-booking while the tourist attraction may have TripAdvisor testimonials or Foursquare tips. It will also element in more personalized features, like which usually ride-haling app you use (if to be able to Uber installed, Snapchat will display links to Lyft).

For Snap, the feature displays just how much the company has moved to open its platform, once notoriously shut off, in recent months.

With the particular advent of Story Search and Take Maps, Snapchat has proved not only that Snaps are good for more than ridiculous selfies, but that Snapchat is among the best resources when you want to know exactly what is happening in a particular location. It was particularly evident in recent several weeks as onlookers watched hurricanes as well as the shooting in Las Vegas unfold within near real-time via Snapchat.

Now, the company is looking to verify that it’s wealth of public-facing Photos can be useful on a much more practical degree. By adding business info, reservation reserving, reviews, and other services directly to Snapchat, the company is effectively making the situation that its users could bypass Search engines entirely for certain types of common queries.

And that’s a pretty effective message. 2dbb 83fc%2fthumb%2f00001



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