Sony is bringing back the Aibo robot dog from our childhoods

Sony is bringing back the Aibo robot dog from our childhoods

Remember this guy?

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Remember the particular Aibo? It was Sony’s robot dog dog, and for years in the earlier 2000s, captured imaginations for being probably the most advanced robot pets on the market.

The Aibo was first released within 1999, but was sadly halted within 2006 as part of cost cutbacks from the Japanese firm.

But based on the Nikkei, the Aibo is going to be making a triumphant return in springtime next year, with the company reinstating the initial team behind the Aibo. That they had been reportedly redeployed to other sections when the Aibo division was reduce.

The new Aibo include several new tricks.

It’ll be less like a pet, and much more like a smart home device.

For one, it’ll operate much less like a “pet, ” and more just like a smart home device, equipped with AI and internet connectivity, similar to the sensible speakers coming out of the likes of Amazon plus Google.

Sony also programs to base the new Aibo with an open operating system, that’ll allow 3rd party developers to add features to the small dog.

The development of AI now coming on by jumps and bounds could mean a brand new start for Aibo � along with Sony, which will next year have deserted its robot business for 12 years.

In recent years, nevertheless , Sony has worked to reverse that will course. Last year, it invested in AI software developer Cogitai.

The company has also admitted that the efforts have “lagged behind” additional tech giants that have invested in AI, but added that there were nevertheless “unexplored areas. “

“We possess a number of products in the physical entire world, ” Sony executive Hiroaki Kitano had told ZDNet. “We create hardware. That’s our strength. “

The Aibo sold for a whopping $2, 500 when it was first released, which makes it far less accessible to the average home. There is no word yet on how a lot the new version will cost.

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