Spilly lets you remix viral videos along with AR effects

Spilly lets you remix viral videos with AR effects

If might ever watched a YouTube video plus wished that you could be part of it, you will find a new augmented reality app that could be able to help.

It’s known as Spilly, and it takes popular movies of celebrities, YouTube stars, along with other famous clips, then allows customers to mash them up with Snapchat-like AR effects and even their own confronts.

The app features an apparently endless feed of video clips found from YouTube. For each clip, you will find a carousel of special effects you can add to help make the video your own.

You could change what Golden Condition Warriors Star Kevin Durant has on, for example , or shower a Miley Cyrus video with virtual fanfare or flowers. Or make it rainfall, or add a spotlight, or any mixture of the above. The clips loop so that you can keep adding or subtracting results until you get something you like.

There’s also an “impostor” feature that will lets you add your own face towards the videos, so you can record clips associated with yourself to overlay onto the confronts of the people in the videos. Giving up cigarettes done with your creation, you can foreign trade the clip to share with buddies or on social media.  

Spilly's "impostor" feature.

Spilly’s “impostor” feature.

Behind the scenes, the application is powered by neural systems, which allow it to track what’s taking place in the videos in real time, so the results line up with right part of the movie. This is how the app knows exactly where faces, bodies and other objects are usually in any given video.

The firm behind Spilly is currently working with a little group of creators and influencers who is going to upload their videos to the app’s feed, so they’ll keep increasing the and refreshing the videos that are offered.

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