‘StarCraft 2’ goes free-to-play after seven years

'StarCraft 2' goes free-to-play after 7 years

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StarCraft 2 is going to be free to play starting this particular month, Blizzard revealed at BlizzCon today.

Specifically, StarCraft two: Wings of Liberty will be heading free-to-play on Nov. 14 (Nov. 15 in some areas around the world), which includes the first campaign in StarCraft 2, the multiplayer, and servings of co-op campaigns. The two afterwards expansions � Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void � *********************) and the Nova Covert Ops downloadable content will still arrive at a cost.

“We seem like we’ve got a great game that we would like more people to play, so removing some of the barriers â€? primarily price â€? to get into the game, we’re expecting will really give a larger audience an opportunity to play StarCraft 2, ” stated game director Tim Morten.

Of course, Blizzard didn’t ignore the people who already own StarCraft two â€? even just the original edition. StarCraft 2 players who currently own Wings of Liberty may have the chance to claim Heart of the Swarm for free.

To protect the cost of development for StarCraft 2, Blizzard will be relying on revenue in the game’s expansions and downloadable articles as well as war chests.

Blizzard first introduced war chests a year ago, which players could purchase to get items like character skins, portraits, plus emoticons. Revenue from war boxes went toward funding StarCraft 2 esports and supporting the advancement team, and will do so again this season.

“For a lot of people, when they listen to ‘free-to-play, ‘ they think that indicates we’re introducing a bunch of new microtransactions, secondary currency, and things like that will, ” Tim said. “We’re not really doing that. “

Additionally, Blizzard is releasing a new pair of commanders and a new map for the game’s co-op mode. The commanders are usually Mira Han and Matt Horner. The co-op mission with the brand new map is called Part and Package.

New co-op mission called Part and Parcel.

New co-op objective called Part and Parcel.

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Players who get StarCraft 2 once it’s free will simply be able to fully play some primary commanders at no cost. Others will be liberated to play until level five, and after that players will have to pay to fully uncover them.

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