States iPhone X demand is ‘off the charts’

Apple claims iPhone X demand is 'off the charts'

While lots of consumers may be frustrated with the way the iPhone X pre-sale went down, a minumum of one group of people couldn’t be happier. A person guessed it, that would be the folks in Apple.  

According to the organization, the pre-sale went pretty, pretty good â€? calling the requirement “off the charts. “

“We are thrilled to be taking purchases for iPhone X, the future of the particular smartphone, ” a company spokesperson informed Mashable. “We can see from the preliminary response, customer demand is from the charts. We’re working hard to get this particular revolutionary new product into the hands of each customer who wants one, as quickly as possible. We are going to keep accepting orders online, plus iPhone X will be available at Apple company retail stores on Friday, November 3starting at 8 a. m., and also from our carrier and retailer companions around the world. â€? ******)

That’s right, people really would like that iPhone X. At least based on Apple, anyway.  

It appears the many die-hard Apple fans had been fine ignoring the small word associated with caution from Steve Wozniak regarding waiting just a bit to buy, and dove right in. Good for you, Apple. Healthy for you.  


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