SUPER NES Classics are hitting Toys Ur Us store shelves on Fri

SNES Classics are hitting Toys R Us store shelves on Friday

Image: adam rosenberg/mashable

If you skipped your chance to get an SUPER NES Classic when they first went on selling or weren’t fast enough to obtain a preorder in the madness beforehand, Playthings R Us may be your savior on Friday.

Toys Ur Us will be stocking its racks with limited quantities of SUPER NES Classic consoles on Friday, April. 27, Polygon reported. We verified with a Toys R Us spokesperson today.

Fans will likely need to line up outside before local shops open if they want to have a shot in buying an SNES Classic, which usually released Sept. 29.

“Since quantities are limited, we motivate customers to get in line before doorways open (normal/local time) on Fri morning for a chance to purchase, inch a Toys R Us spokesperson said.

Nearly a month following the SNES Classic’s release, the throwback console has remained pretty incredibly elusive to fans who didn’t grab one in its initial release home window. This reporter even put in the preorder for an SNES Classic via Walmart, which was subsequently put on backorder two days before it was supposed to deliver, with no status update nearly per month later.

After the tragedy that was the NES Classic, that Nintendo severely underestimated fans’ needs, Nintendo promised to do better with all the SNES Classic (read: make more). Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime even told fans to not pay up to the demands of SUPER NES Classic resellers and scalpers.

Thus far though, Nintendo provides yet to make enough supply to maintain with the demand, though it’s definitely been an improvement.  

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