Supposed HBO hacker identified

Alleged HBO hacker identified

HBO might not be falling, but the mask safeguarding the identify of a hacker heading by the name of Mr. Jones appears to be.  

Government officials launched a complaint which purportedly recognizes the individual behind the massive crack of the entertainment company that performed out in leak after outflow this year. Taunting HBO executives plus demanding approximately $6. 5 mil in Bitcoin as a ransom, the particular hacker released unaired show shows and actor contract details because the company tried and failed to restrict the fallout.  

It ends up, however , that HBO might have the final laugh. But only maybe. Gowns because the individual named, Behzad Mesri, is an Iran-based hacker who has apparently worked on behalf of the Iranian federal government to break into computer systems around the world.  

“At certain times, MESRI was a person in an Iran-based hacking group the Turk Black Hat Security group, ” reads a copy from the complaint uploaded by The Daily Animal. “As a member of that group, MESRI conducted hundreds of website defacements utilizing the online hacker pseudonym ‘Skote Vahshat’ against websites in the United States and somewhere else around the world. “

According to the record, Mesri’s attempt to break into HBO system began around May and survived through approximately August of 2017. During that time, he allegedly e-mailed employees of the company both in order to mock them and threaten associated with the release of personal information.  

According to the FBI, Mesri continues to be charged with multiple counts associated with computer fraud, wire fraud, irritated identity theft, and interstate tranny of an extortionate communication.  

The question remains, though, if Mesri will ever face trail. They are currently listed as “wanted” by FBI, which means, of course , that he is just not in custody. We can only reckon that he will not be rushing to turn themself in, and if his alleged previous work with the Iranian government holds true, we don’t think the authorities you will have to eager to see him within a U. S. courtroom.  

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