Tense situation in Turkey to try a coup, blamed on the United States


Turkey has blamed the United States for attempting a coup. Washington warned, however, the blame would be detrimental to the relations between the two countries.
Responsibility for the attempted coup of pushing between the two countries despite the still tense situation inside Turkey. There are armed soldiers on the streets cautious stance. Who had links with the attempted coup, the army, and the judiciary, and to remove them from being arrested. On Sunday, at least six thousand people have been arrested so far. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday in support of the thousands of people on the road.
Meanwhile, the country’s central Konaya an airfield in the city of the coup tried to catch them with the security forces in the shootings occurred. And from there, the state news agency said six soldiers were arrested Anaduliya.
To overthrow Erdogan’s government-armored tanks and warplanes on Friday night, with part of the army barracks has left. By morning, however, the government came under rough conditions. The 104 troops, including 265 people were killed.
Turkish expatriates in the United States after the failed coup leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Phetulla Gulenera alleged links. He repeated allegations that Hijamata name associated with a movement to return to Turkey claimed Gulenake. The minister accused the Erdogan government, the army is behind the insurgency in parts of the United States.
In this context, US Secretary of State John Kerry on charges of involvement in coup attempts gulenera “appropriate inquiry to the appropriate evidence,” Turkey said. Turkey’s involvement in the coup, the United States ‘totally false’ Kerry called. Kerry told reporters in front of the Luxembourg, gulenake give back any formal request from Turkey could not be found.
Gulen has denied the allegations at the outset. People involved in the alleged coup gulenera follow-Turkey’s government, he said, “Turkey who follow me, I really do not know.”
Since the arrest turaskajure mitigating revolt began. Until yesterday, the minister said the number exceeds six thousand bojadaga Becky. He warned, “This will continue cleansing. Therefore, the number of arrests could rise further. ”
Among those arrested were two hajara 700 senior military officers and judges. Denijalite Turkey’s western province of more than 50 senior military officers was arrested. Third Army commander General’re important people have been arrested in eradala ojaturka, Second Army Commander Gen. adema huduti and Turkey is one of the senior judges alaparaslana Alta. NTV television channel said at least 34 people have been arrested in the rank of general.
Persons involved in coup “harsh punishment” President Erdogan said that with the threat, the death penalty may want to consider the reopening of parliament to pass the law.
From the beginning, the international community condemned the coup in Turkey. US President Barack Obama in condemning the coup, the coup is very important for all parties to abide by the rule of law.


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