Tesla hits back at employee’s ethnic discrimination claims

Tesla hits back at employee's racial discrimination claims

Tesla has hit back towards claims of racial discrimination.

Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Tesla has unrelentingly hit back in a class-action complaint which labeled the particular carmaker’s factories a “hotbed regarding racist behavior. ”  

In a statement titled a “Hotbed of Misinformation” issued on the website Wednesday, Tesla said it really is “absolutely against any form of splendour, harassment, or unfair treatment of any sort. “

The plaintiff is previous employee Marcus Vaughn, who stated he was routinely called the “n-word” by supervisors while working in Tesla. Vaughn also said he or she was fired in October “for not having a positive attitude” after worrying to Tesla’s human resources department.

Tesla said that it investigated the particular incident a few months ago, but discovered the “number of conflicting accusations plus counter-accusations between several African-American plus Hispanic individuals. “ 

In the investigation, the company said racial vocabulary such as the “n-word” and the “w-word” had been being used toward by these workers to each other, and there was a danger of violence.

“After a comprehensive investigation, immediate action was used, which included terminating the employment associated with three of the individuals, ” based on the statement.

Tesla claimed Vaughn is the only plaintiff in the case, not really the 100 that has been reported. The particular carmaker also said Vaughn had not been hired by the company, but instead with a temp agency, and that he had not been fired â€? but rather his couple of months contract had “ended as caught. “

The company also strike back at the lawyer in Vaughn’s case, saying they had “long history of extorting money for meritless statements and using the threat of press attacks and expensive trial expenses to get companies to settle. “ 

“At Tesla, we would rather pay 10 times the settlement demand within legal fees and fight towards the ends of the Earth than cave in to extortion and allow this mistreatment of the legal system, ” the particular statement added.

Tesla furthermore published Musk’s full email in order to employees which was mentioned in the issue, which raised eyebrows, because it evidently told workers to essentially pull it up in the face of harassment.

“Elon also explained that if somebody makes an offensive or harmful statement on a single occasion, but consequently offers a sincere apology, then we all believe that apology should be accepted, inch the statement reads.

Tesla, which has more than 33, 000 workers, conceded that it’s “not humanly probable to stop all bad conduct, inch but that it would do the “best to make it is as close to absolutely no as possible. “

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