Tesla may assist to rebuild Puerto Rico’s energy grid

Tesla could help to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid

Elon Musk is eager to offer Puerto Rico a photo voltaic power future because the wrecked island rebuilds within the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. However the world of federal catastrophe aid probably is not prepared for his forward-thinking. 

The Tesla CEO was interacting together with his followers on Twitter, as is his wont, when somebody requested if Musk would use his firm’s renewable power wing to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical energy grid. Linked beneath the question was a protracted article concerning the potential implementation of photo voltaic and different sources of electrical energy on the U.S. territory, whose residents trusted inefficient practices like burning oil to generate energy even earlier than the storm. of Puerto Rico remains to be with out energy two weeks after Maria made landfall. After the Class four storm hit, the complete nation for a time. 

Unsurprisingly, Musk answered that Tesla may come to Puerto Rico’s assist, if requested by the federal government and folks. 

Tesla reportedly despatched workers to put in “a whole lot” of Powerwall models in Puerto Rico within the wake of Maria to assist within the restoration efforts, so the query is not too far out of left subject. The corporate has additionally put in a 13-megawatt photo voltaic farm in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and a system from Tesla-acquired Photo voltaic Metropolis powers Ta’u in American Samoa, which might be the work Musk referred to in his response.  

Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s electrical grid in the identical manner would, nevertheless, be a venture on a completely completely different stage, it doesn’t matter what Musk says about Tesla’s scalability restrict. 

Puerto Rico is way bigger than Kauai or Ta’u, and there are different complexities to think about, like the necessity to restore energy to the struggling inhabitants as rapidly as doable. The large efforts wanted to create a brand new electrical grid would require an extended growth course of. FEMA pointers probably would not encourage such a rebuilding efforts, both. 

Musk was most likely real in his response — and there isn’t any proof that the Tesla system could not work in Puerto Rico. Given the circumstances, nevertheless, an all-new Tesla energy gird is not one thing that might occur simply but. 

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