Tesla recalls 11, 000 Model Xs over safety issue with second-row chairs

Tesla recalls 11,000 Model Xs over safety issue with second-row seats

A seem inside Tesla’s Model X.

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Tesla implemented another Model X recall Thursday night, this time for a safety issue with the second-row seats, which could move forward throughout a crash.  

The voluntary remember covers some 11, 000 vehicles built between Oct. 28, 2016 and Aug. 16, 2017, the Tesla spokesperson said.

During testing, Tesla found that wires in the seats might not be in the proper place, so the back left-side seats can move forward during a crash.

No incidents have been reported by clients, but the company is offering free maintenance either through its mobile service or even at a service center. The company’s cellular service means a service van comes.

Between the fourth quarter associated with 2016 and the third quarter associated with 2017, which roughly overlaps the particular recall period, Tesla produced 42, 915 Model Xs.  

Here’s the email going out to affected Tesla customers today about the recall. This says, “There is no issue with ongoing to drive your Model X, inch but advises avoiding putting 2 adults in the second row middle and left seats at the same time.  

Subject:  Safety Notice

We are emailing to inform you of the proactive action Tesla is having to ensure your safety as a Design X owner. During recent inner testing, Tesla determined that a few cables in the second row fold-flat seats in some 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles may need to become adjusted. Although Tesla has not obtained reports of any issues or even accidents relating to this condition, we will be examining the affected customers� cars to ensure that we can confirm whether any adjusting is needed. We are doing this out of a good amount of caution, because even though we have never ever seen it happen, if the cable connection is not properly adjusted, the seat back again on the left side of the 2nd row seats could move forward throughout a crash.

Our information show that you own a Model X impacted by this voluntary recall. There are simply no parts required for this inspection, as well as the adjustment will take only about 10 a few minutes to complete.  We can address 100% of these repairs via mobile assistance, and you will have the choice to do that in order to bring in your car to a Service Middle. We will be contacting you soon plan this according to your preference.

Until then, there is no problem with continuing to drive your Model By. We just ask that you briefly avoid having two adults sit down in the second row left plus center seating positions at the same time. (Even with this issue, the seat is sufficiently strong for a single adult or 2 children. ) You may also continue to use kid seats using the LATCH anchors, as they anchors are attached to the seat foundation and not the seat back. Note that this problem only affects Model X along with fold-flat second row seats constructed between October 28, 2016 plus August 16, 2017 and does not have an effect on any vehicles with monopost chairs.

Thank you to be a Tesla customer and we apologize for this inconvenience. Model X offers received the highest rating in every group and subcategory in independent accident tests conducted by the National Road Traffic Safety Administration, and we are usually committed to ensuring that Model X continues to be the safest SUV in the world.  

This isn’t the first Design X recall â€? last year 3rd row seats had a crash safety problem and earlier this year faulty parking brake systems prompted another recall.

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