That will $1, 000 iPhone X in fact costs about $370 to make, record claims

That $1,000 iPhone X actually costs about $370 to make, report claims

iPhone X

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Saving for an iPhone X? Perhaps might sold a car or taken an additional job to finance the ultra-expensive new Apple phone?

Well, you’ll probably be disappointed to know that the particular $999+ iPhone X actually expenses around $370 to produce, according to IHS Markit.  

The business intelligence carrier’s engineers have torn down the apple iphone X and estimated that the 64GB variant of the device is made of $370. 25 worth of materials.  

This makes the iPhone X the priciest phone to make. According to IHS Markit, it’s $50 more expensive than the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus. By comparison, the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S8 is just made of $302 worth of components.  

Of course, the “bill of materials” does not include expenses like R& D and marketing and advertising, which are considerable, especially for a new, forward-looking device such as the iPhone X. IHS Markit says that Apple provides likely maintained its “typical” equipment margins for the iPhone X.  

Cost summary of the iPhone X's components according to IHS Markit.

Cost summary of the apple iphone X’s components according to IHS Markit.

The report offers some understanding on the cost of individual components. For instance , the iPhone X’s TrueDepth 3D messf¨¹hler system costs $16. 7, as the phone’s 2435×1125-pixel OLED screen, along with the cover glass and the Force Contact sensor, costs $110, according to the corporation. e656 3c0d%2fthumb%2f00001

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