The key meaning behind the title associated with ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 event 5

The secret meaning behind the title of 'Stranger Things' Season 2 episode 5

Ahead of the discharge of Stranger Things Season two, the titles of the first 6 episodes were revealed, giving the planet an extremely vague tease of elaborate to come. One of those episode titles is really a reference to an arcade game through the ’80s, and now we know why.

Warning: Stranger Things Season two spoilers ahead

The fifth event, titled “Dig Dug, ” is known as after the classic video game of the exact same name, and reveals something menacing lurking just beneath the town of Hawkins, Indiana: Tunnels.

Not simply regular old tunnels though, Upside Down tunnels that play sponsor to the horrible denizens of the Inverted including weird tentacle things plus abscesses that spit at passers by.

From episode 5 and onward, a handful of characters come down into the tunnels beneath Hawkins through the entry point that Jim Hopper dug in the middle of a pumpkin field within episode 5. But what exactly will all of this have to do with the 1982 game game Dig Dug?

Quite a bit.

In Dig Dug, players control the titular personality Dig Dug as they dig in to the earth and defeat monsters which have dug their own subterranean tunnels. Gamers earn points by killing the particular monsters in various ways, trying to generate a high score. In the second period of Stranger Things, people your tunnels to kill monsters, even if more to save lives than to generate points.

A Dig Dug arcade cabinet was in fact featured at the very beginning of the period in the local arcade where the kids collected to play games and met their own new companion Max for the first time.

The Dig Dug connection will go beyond tunnels and a cameo look, though. In the final episode, Paul, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and Dorrie enter the tunnels to lure the particular demodogs away from Eleven and Hopper while the duo attempts to close up a giant gate to the Upside Down, a number of them decked out with handkerchiefs plus swimming goggles.

These going swimming goggles are a reference to one of two creatures found in the game Dig Dug: pookas. Pookas are small, red animals that hang out in tunnels plus wear big goggles. It’s a little nod to the classic ’80s online game that most people might miss.

The other enemy in Dig Dug, the fygar, also will get a shout out in the last episode. As Eleven is using the girl powers to close the door between Hawkins and the Upside Down, the particular giant monster that just will not go away appears on the other side. The un-named monster unleashes a flurry associated with fire at Eleven and Hopper, trying to stop them in their paths.

That burst of fireplace is a reference to the fire-breathing strike that fygars use against Get Dug, which kills him in a single hit.

The only point that would have put this off the ledge is if Hopper or someone else in the passageways used a bicycle pump in order to blow up a demodog or some thing � the preferred method of extermination within Dig Dug.



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