The Kickstarter project could make your home the personalized smart home

A Kickstarter project could make your home a personalized smart home

With smart devices popping up right and left, the rush to go totally Smart House like the ’90s The disney produtcions Channel movie can get overwhelming. The unit are super helpful, but it would be nice if smart house life was more personalized, arranged, and well, simpler.

A Kickstarter campaign aims to easily simplify smart modern living by changing everyday objects into smart items: meet CliQ, the smart wireless messf¨¹hler that could turn virtually any object right into a smart device for truly customized automation.

CliQ is small yet mighty â€? attach this, assign when and where it works, and violà: previously manual tasks are now automatic. More than just a smart button, this small square uses motion sensing technology to trigger automated actions within four different ways, depending on how the item is used. CliQ’s infinite flexibility enables you to control the world around you and make your life easier: plan lights to turn off when you depart, turn on music when the car begins driving, alert you if your bicycle is stolen, and basically other things you can think of.  

If you’re for the forgetful side, CliQ may be the nagging smart device that you need (in one of the most loving way possible. ) Set simple guidelines, keep up with healthy habits, safeguard the things which matter, and never forget to water plant life or feed fur babies.

Say goodbye to keeping track of several apps for multiple smart gadgets and make your life easier, for real. Transport start in mid-2018 � back the particular campaign and get those early parrot prices here.



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