The particular 6 most infuriating things about ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’

The 6 most infuriating things about 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp'

At first glance, Animal Crossing: Wallet Camp seems like a soothing, healthful game for those of us in need of several respite from the endless onslaught associated with terrible things in the world.  

But, I am here to tell you that will Pocket Camp will not bring you the particular antidote you so desperately desire. You will find yourself, like me, rueing the day you downloaded the wretched game.  

For those unacquainted with Pocket Camp, it’s section of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series regarding building a life in a village lived on by anthropomorphic animals. Pocket Camp’s premise is much the same, only your house base is a customisable campsite.  

The aim of the game is to ingratiate yourself with other animals so they will come and hang out at your swanky campsite (should it meet their own exhaustive list of requirements).  

But, this game—while wonderfully calming plus hopelessly addictive—is also downright shocking. Here’s why.  

You develop tents that you cannot even enter

I guess I’ll just view you all enjoying my tents, then.

Image: rachel thompson or mashable

One of the most disappointing things about selecting and crafting the tent of the dreams is that your character won’t be capable of get inside it. Oh, you can watch whilst all your guests make use of the tent, because they blow bubbles in their sleep. However you—or rather, your Pocket Camp alter ego—won’t even have the option of heading inside your own tent.  

The animals are demanding little sh*ts 

The premise of the game would be to befriend animals by doing favours with regard to them—like bringing them fruit, pests and fish—to increase your friendship degree with you. The point of nurturing your own relationship with these adorable little pets is that they’ll someday agree to arrive visit your campsite.  

Of course, once you issue your pet with an invitation, you then receive a ransom list of Mariah Carey-esque demands that you need to meet so that they’ll visit a person. Sure, it’s all part of the video game, but there’s something in these animals’ tone that feels a little bit haughty and rude.  

You still cannot do very much with your friends

I was so thrilled at the potential customer of visiting my IRL friends’ campsites on Pocket Camp, nevertheless I went along to my buddy and esteemed colleague Damon Beres’ camp, all I could do had been bestow some kudos upon your pet, and buy two fish in exchange for a few bells. Obviously I’m happy to provide kudos, but that was basically most I could do. I couldn’t possess a conversation with Damon’s alter vanity, and, crucially, I was unable to take advantage of any of the facilities at his campsite. Nor could I speak to any of their guests. Making camp friends is definitely, in short, boring and pointless.  

You can’t have more than 1 rug at any given time.  

One issue that is really getting my home design goat as I construct my campsite is that I’m not allowed to have several rug at any given time. I stupidly designed a second green rug while labouring under the misapprehension that I’d end up being allowed MORE THAN ONE DAMN RUG.  

Why can't I have two rugs?????????????

Why can’t I have 2 rugs?????????????

Image: Rachel thompson or mashable

You just give and give and give 

It’s all give, give, provide with Pocket Camp. I’m permanently servicing the needs of these damn anthropomorphic animals, giving them cherries and playing around to catch butterflies for them. However where are my apples plus peaches? Who’s catching butterflies plus bugs for me? Does anyone value my needs?

You can’t can even make use of any of the fun stuff

There’s something deeply frustrating about creating a camp busting with enjoyable activities and delicious snacks learn that you—the creator—aren’t actually able to savor any of it. I have spent numerous resources on cups of tea, pizza, colouring baskets, drum sets. However can my character enjoy some of these things? Nope! Playing Pocket Camp is an entirely selfless task. Is actually fine, Bunnie, go ahead and enjoy that will cup of tea. It’s good.  

All these (highly irritating) things considered, I’m still actively playing this damn game. And, the desire to keep on playing it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

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