The particular giant robot battle of your desires is actually happening

The giant robot battle of your dreams is actually happening

Yes, this is real. 2 gigantic robots will battle one another Gundam-style for our amusement � but it will surely be streamed.

On April. 17, the colossal robots Skull cap Prime and Kuratas will satisfy in a violent duel.  

At least, that’s when you can watch the stream of their battle that will final for days. The robots, which are operated by humans, will attempt to bump each other.  

This match continues to be two years in the making. In 2015, Megabots Inc. â€? a group of Oughout. S. engineers that endeavor to construct massive “fighting robots of technology fiction, video games and movies” â€? challenged the Japanese robot Kuratas, constructed by Suidobashi Heavy Industries.  

But Suidobashi would only consent to the match if the robots in fact fought, as opposed to shooting each other along with large paintballs. “If we’re going to earn this, I want to punch them to discard and knock them down to get it done, ” Suidobashi told Megabots.

Using Kickstarter, Megabots crowdfunded $500, 000 to upgrade the robot so it could throw your punches and absorb heavy hits in the Japanese Kuratas.

While this particular clash of titans promises to become entertaining, Megabots isn’t planning for this particular to be an one-off event. Rather, these people envision such robotic clashes being futuristic sport.

“The eyesight of MegaBots is to entertain an expanding global audience of science-fiction supporters and eSport enthusiasts by switching their dreams about giant robotic combat into epic reality, inch Megabots states on their website.  

While both robots are enormous hunks of metal, Megabots’ Skull cap Prime has a size advantage more than Kuratas. The 16-foot tall Skull cap Prime weighs 24, 000 lbs, while Kuratas stands at 13 feet tall and weighs in at 13, 000 pounds.  

To discover what happens, watch the fight upon Twitch.  

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