The particular sequel to ‘Words With Friends’ is finally here, 8 many years later

The sequel to 'Words With Friends' is finally here, 8 years later

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Words With Friends 2 is out right now and it brings a few new functions that set it apart from the Scrabble-inspired predecessor.

Words Along with Friends 2 takes the head-to-head, word-building competition of 2009’s Words With Friends and adds the solo challenge mode, a team-based lightning round mode, strategy-improving increases, and an updated social book that adds 50, 000 phrases.

The most exciting function is probably the solo challenge mode, that allows people to build up their Words Along with Friends skills against AI competitors. It’s designed to get progressively more challenging, so it requires you to play much better and think smarter as you carry on.

Another new mode arriving with Words With Friends 2 is lightning round, which fits you up with four teammates to try out against another team of 5 players. The matches are used everyone on the same board, placing phrases in quick succession.

Lightning round in 'Words With Friends 2.'

Lightning round in ‘Words Along with Friends 2 . ‘

The new increases that are in the game allow players to find out possible tile placements before setting up a word, as well as get some regarding what the best possible word was that gamers could’ve put down (but only following the fact).

The updated interpersonal dictionary contains 50, 000 brand new words suggested by players along with the existing words that were in Words With Friends. Players could currently use the social dictionary in Words With Friends, but now it comes along with usage stats that let you observe how your creativity in using the brand new words stacks up against other players’.

The social dictionary includes words like bestie and bae.

The social book includes words like bestie plus bae.

Words With Friends 2 releases today on iOS plus Android for free.

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