The particular SpiderMAV does whatever an index can, spins a web, any dimension

The SpiderMAV does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size

Researchers in the Imperial College London’s Aerial Robotics Laboratory have created the SpiderMAV â€? a robot that balances itself by shooting out several strands of rope that can stay with magnetic surfaces. The drone, that is a standard quadcopter, has a built-in string gun that blasts out small connectors. The drone then drags against the ropes, stabilizing itself within flight.

The leader specialist, Mirko Kovac, equates the jingle with Darwin’s bark spider, a good arachnid that can shoot a web “25 meters” in any direction.

The program can help keep a drone in position even in heavy winds as controlled by fan crosswinds. This is simply a proof of concept so the magnets don’t have variable strength nor would be the cables particularly resilient. However , you can imagine this sort of system being used to control communications in a time of crisis or even maintain surveillance in heavy climate. The researchers presented their results in Vancouver. Their paper is called “SpiderMAV: Perching and Stabilizing Micro Aerial Vehicles with Bio-inspired Tensile Anchoring Systems,” by K. Zhang, P. Chermprayong, T. M. Alhinai, R. Siddall, and M. Kovac from Imperial College London.


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