The planet needs more ethical hackers. Have you been up for the job?

The world needs more ethical hackers. Are you up for the job?

Learn to think like a hacker if you take this course on cybersecurity.

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Hackers was once a small subculture of punk weirdos that messed around with dinky little computers and didn’t actually cause much damage. But now, big hacker groups like Anonymous are usually causing so much damage, that they’re practically an enemy of the condition.  

If you are intrigued simply by hacking but want to use your abilities for good instead of for evil, then you definitely should consider becoming an ethical hacker with the Zero to Hero Internet Security Hacker Bundle.

This bundle of eight courses shows you how to become a white hat hacker and defend the good guys through ne’er-do-well hackers. Through live presentations and hands-on experience with the latest equipment, you’ll gain a deep knowledge of how attackers work so you can discover vulnerabilities in your systems before the criminals do and stop future attacks.

With over 300 in-depth classes, you’ll learn how to become a real-time transmission tester and perform client-based, server-based, and application-based web attacks. In addition, you’ll learn about related topics such as cryptography, steganography, password cracking, sport hacking, reverse engineering, and freedom escalated-based attacks. You’ll even find out about viruses, worms, Trojans, and backdoor-based attacks.

The Zero in order to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Package deal normally costs $360, but you can have it for just $29, a savings associated with 91 percent. Plus, use the promotion code BUNDLE50 and get an additional 50% off.



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