The toilet cleaning robot is about in order to save you from the worst chore actually

A toilet cleaning robot is about to save you from the worst chore ever

“Man, I can’t wait around to scrub the toilet when I go back home, ” said no one ever.

Let’s face it: cleaning the bathroom . is a necessary chore, but the listing of things we’d rather do can be infinitely long. We know it’s major to not clean it, but could it be really worth it to put both hands in there?  

If you’ve actually wished that a robot would simply do this chore for you, you’re within luck â€? an automatic toilet cleansing robot is now available on Kickstarter. We all love the future.

The SpinX is the latest in smart house sanitization and looks like a somewhat oversized toilet lid. Using an automatic arm with a rotating brush plus soap and water jets, SpinX will clean your toilet in the touch of a button. (Don’t get worried, you won’t have to sit on a moist seat â€? SpinX uses compacted air outlets to make things dry). Just replace the old toilet chair with the SpinX lid, insert your preferred toilet cleaning liquid or pills, and let it do your task.  

The whole process apparently only takes 90 seconds, therefore even if you waited until the last minute to get ready your home for the in-laws, at least considerably more . clean toilet.  

Check out there the Kickstarter video:

Back the SpinX campaign and get the first bird prices here.

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