The very best Apple Watch alternative

The best Apple Watch alternative

What exactly the great smartwatch? Is it size? Will be design? Is it features? Is it mobile connectivity?  

The answer’s likely to be very different for everyone. While Apple company thinks cellular is the key to changing the Apple Watch from great to great, Samsung’s betting large on fitness tracking with its newest smartwatch, the Gear Sport.  

But is it better than an Apple Watch? Will not it even matter?

Priced at $299. 99, Samsung’s Equipment Sport slots in-between the Gear S2 Sport/Classic and Gear S3 Classic/Frontier. That’s less than an Apple Watch Collection 3 without cellular connectivity, which usually costs $329.

But don’t allow the $30 difference deceive a person. Buying a smartwatch is trickier compared to it looks and ultimately depends upon what kind of phone you own. It’s a shitty reality, but it’s true: Smartwatches are designed to work better with certain mobile phones.

The Gear Sport runs the beautiful Tizen OS custom-made for round displays.

The Gear Sports activity runs the beautiful Tizen OPERATING SYSTEM custom-made for round displays.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

It really comes down to this particular: If you’re using an iPhone, get a f Watch. If you’re using Android, you would like an Android Wear smartwatch. And if most likely using Samsung â€? well, Google android Wear will work just fine, but Samsung’s own Gear smartwatches work better.

Of course, Android Wear works with iOS. But it’s really bad. Like horribly crappy. And Samsung’s Gear smartwatches also work with iOS, but like Android Wear, most likely getting a gimped wearable experience since Apple doesn’t let you do things such as compose text messages or reply to obtained ones.

But if you’re much less concerned about the smartwatch features plus robust fitness-tracking features are a main concern, the Gear Sport’s worth considering even if you avoid the use of a Samsung phone.

Just the right size

Having tried lots of smartwatches over the years, I’ve come to recognition that there is no perfect size regarding smartwatches. I can only comment on exactly what feels right for me.

For me, 42mm seems to be the most sufficient size for the watch case. Any kind of smaller and the smartwatch’s screen is simply too small and any larger and am feel like the whole thing’s weighing our wrist down.

So I am just really glad the Gear Sport includes a 42mm case with a 1 . 2-inch round Super AMOLED display gowns sharp and easy to read in all circumstances. At first the Sport seemed a little bit thick at 11. 6mm, yet it’s only a hair thicker compared to 11. 4mm Apple Watch Collection 3.  

Samsung's made a really handsome smartwatch.

Samsung’s produced a really handsome smartwatch.


While extremely bulky watches really are a concern (though, I’m a hypocrite because I sometimes wear the Casio G-Shock), comfort is probably more important. Whereas I’ve never put on my Apple Watch to rest, I didn’t mind going to bed with all the Sport on. The always-on display screen displayed the clock at all times and never in any blinding way.

Don't like Samsung's rubber band? Swap in your own 20mm one.

Don’t like Samsung’s rubber music group? Swap in your own 20mm one.


Samsung used to be known for a few really ugly designs, but the Sports activity is among its best. It’s lighting, stylish (it comes in a refined black or navy blue), plus works with any 20mm strap. Within the box is a large and little silicone band, but I dislike these rubbery straps, so I changed in a neon orange band through an old Timex and a leather one particular from a Moto 360, and they look solid.

And if you’ve ever utilized a Gear S2 or S3, you’ll know just how satisfying managing Tizen OS with the rotatable frame is. Rotating it clockwise through the watch face opens up the various icons you’ve set up (by default, could possibly be set to fitness-tracking that show statistics like calories burned, steps, floors-climbed, heart rate, weather, etc . ).

It looks a little thick, but it's only 0.2mm thicker than the Apple Watch Series 3.

It looks a little thicker, but it’s only 0. 2mm thicker than the Apple Watch Collection 3.


There are usually two buttons on the Sport: back again (top) and home/power (bottom). Pushing the latter opens up a beautiful circular band of apps that you can then search through either with a swipe or simply by rotating the bezel. Using the frame control is fast, logical, as well as the best interface on a round smartwatch I’ve ever seen, and the mockery of Android Wear.


You can save music on the Gear Sport's 4GB of storage or stream it from the Spotify app, or control Spotify on your phone.

You can save songs on the Gear Sport’s 4GB associated with storage or stream it through the Spotify app, or control Spotify on your phone.


Companies are learning the hard way there are only really two things individuals use their smartwatches for: notices and fitness-tracking. Everything else is just additional.  

In the two years I possessed an Apple Watch, I never as soon as loaded a single song onto it. I actually couldn’t even tell you how to get it done. Tech companies talked a big sport on how apps on smartwatches will be just like they were on smartphones. However it turns out apps on smartwatches actually suck for a number of reasons: the screen’s too small, the input is simply too limited, and wrist-worn wearables really are a more quick-glance type of device rather than something we interact with for extended durations.

Notifications work just like they should on the Gear Sport.

Notifications work exactly like they should on the Gear Sport.


If you’ve used the Gear S2 or S3, you are going to know just how notifications work. They are available in and you can either interact with them instantly or swipe right from the view face later to see them. They have all pretty standard.

The Sport is a fine smartwatch by itself, but where it really earns the name is fitness-tracking. Samsung’s additional a ton of features that makes it practically useless to own a Fitbit or general-purpose fitness tracker.

The smartwatch comes with all of the usual phase, floor, running, and biking monitoring you’d expect from a fitness wearable, and a few new ones that consider things to the next level. It’s about because accurate as an Apple Watch, provide or take a few hundred ways (there’s always a slight variation in between fitness trackers).

Built-in GPS means more accurate location-tracking and live maps like in Under Armour's Endomondo app.

Built-in GPS means more accurate location-tracking plus live maps like in Under Armour’s Endomondo app.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

There’s a built-in GPS for more precise location-tracking. It’s super handy regarding when you don’t want to bring your own phone with you on a run, but nonetheless want to get live maps on the Sports activity. I used it with Under Armor’s Endomondo and it just worked.  

Samsung’s also beefed up the heartrate sensor so that it works continuously during the day. It’s good to have this, yet I found the sensor a little slower to read my heart-rate. Not sure if that is something that can be sped up with a software program update or not, though.

The Gear Sport’s also rated regarding 5-ATM water-resistance, which means it can be put on safely in a pool and the sea, and can be submerged in absolute depths of up to 164 feet (50 meters).

The Sport has all your usual activity-tracking.

The Sport provides all your usual activity-tracking.


In addition to automatic activity monitoring for more exercises like rowing, leaping jacks, lunges, and crunches (to name a few) there’s a brand new feature that lets you track the food calorie intake. It’s a nice little add-on, but you have to manually add all of your food, which can get a little tiresome if you’re really uptight about it.

And then tons more.

And then tons a lot more.


And if you usually are convinced this the Sport packs sufficient fitness-first features, you may care that there’s tighter integration with third-party fitness apps like Under Armour’s suite (UA Record, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo).  

Samsung’s also combined up with Speedo for the Speed Upon app, which is supposed to offer among the best swim-tracking features around (unfortunately, this particular app wasn’t live during my evaluation period, so I’ll have to revise it once it is).

Of course it has a built-in heart rate sensor.

Of course it has the built-in heart rate sensor.


There are a few other great fitness features like a digital manual that’ll walk you through different cardio workouts either on your telephone or a supported Samsung TV. This really is yet another feature that wasn’t obtainable while I was reviewing the Gear Sports activity, but I saw it in action some time ago at IFA and it seems fairly neat.

It’s probably not likely to replace a real coach, but appeared as if it would push sloths like me who require a good external motivator (even whether it’s a virtual one) to do anything at all fitness-related.

Samsung’s finest smartwatch yet

Even if you don't care about the fitness features, the Gear Sport is a great smartwatch.

Even if you don’t value the fitness features, the Gear Sports activity is a great smartwatch.


Making a smartwatch is extremely challenging, particularly when it’s one that aims to make sure you as many people as possible.

That’s one of the things that the Apple Watch really does well. It does notifications really well and it is been piling on the fitness functions since last year as the company’s produced in on what the device’s customers are actually using it for.

I believe Samsung’s on the same trajectory with all the Gear Sport. It’s a handsome smartwatch that’s just the right size, nails all the basics of a smartwatch, and includes a slew of fitness features that will fitness nuts (the non-professional, non-Olympic kind) will love.  

The Equipment Sport is Samsung’s best smartwatch to date, even without built-in mobile.

If there’s any one some weakness that the Sport suffers from, it’s vulnerable battery life. Samsung says the smartwatch’s 300mAh battery lasts up to 3 days. I’m not sure how this measured that, but I hardly made it through a day, and I observed battery draining faster (most most likely because of the GPS) than on an Apple company Watch. Expect to plop this guy around the charger every night or it’ll be deceased before you can get any real physical fitness tracking in.

A day associated with battery isn’t a deal-breaker, though. Nevertheless , not having cellular connectivity, might be. The particular Apple Watch Series 3 will be impressive not because it finally provides LTE (Samsung’s Gear S3 got it a year ago), but since Apple added cellular without producing the case larger.  

True, including cellular on the Apple Watch expenses an extra $70 over the regular Wireless bluetooth model, or $100 over the Equipment Sport, but it’s hard to refuse that the size and feature hit the particular sweet spot for a lot of people.

Samsung gets so much right with the Equipment Sport â€? I think it’s the industry¡¯s best smartwatch to date â€? yet Apple’s just flipped the desk again with the Series 3 plus cellular.

If this isn’t an attribute you care about â€? it produces that carriers are forcing you to definitely pay a small monthly fee in order to basically access data for your smartwatch from your regular data plan that you are already paying for â€? the Sport is the greatest alternative available, and a much better worth than the disappointing Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.

Samsung Gear Sport

The Good

Super cozy � ***************************************) Bright, sharp screen � ***************************************) Top-notch fitness-tracking functions � ***************************************) Handy built-in GPS NAVIGATION � ***************************************) Easily swappable bands

The Bad

Weak battery life along with GPS turned on � ***************************************) Simply no cellular connectivity

The Bottom Line

Samsung’s Gear Sport is the finest smartwatch yet, even with out cellular connectivity. b028 0065%2fthumb%2f00001



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