The way to target new website visitors with accuracy

How to target new website visitors with precision

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You’d in no way leave a party without saying farewell, but people do it all the time on the internet. In fact , 90 percent of guests leave a website without taking any kind of action at all.

If you’re running a website and this sounds like an enormous missed opportunity, that’s because it is. Yet there are some great tools that can help you obtain more visitors and unleash your own website’s full potential. For starters, discover GetSiteControl Plus.

This game-changing tool gives you a variety of widgets (subscribe, contact, promo, survey, follow, discuss, and chat) so you can easily accessibility real-time data and use it to increase transformation. You can fully customize the icons and install them on any kind of website � including websites constructed on popular platforms like Wp, Shopify, Tumblr, and Squarespace.

GetSiteControl also lets you create a number of versions of the same website along with A/B testing and target website visitors by country, device, browser, OPERATING SYSTEM, traffic source, IP, or UTM parameters. You can even use GetSiteControl to exhibit a custom message to website visitors leaving your site so they stick around lengthier.  

A 3-year subscription in order to GetSiteControl Plus normally costs $546, but you can get it for just $69. 99, a savings of 87 %.  Mashable readers can also save an extra 20 percent off their purchase with coupon code: SOFTWARE20.



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