‘The Witcher’ musical looks straight-up crazy

'The Witcher' musical looks straight-up insane

The Witcher is receiving its very own phase adaptation in Poland and this survey makes it look absolutely insane.

The Witcher, best known outside of Main and Eastern Europe as an recognized fantasy RPG, is based on a popular Shine book series of the same name (a. k. a. Wiedźmin). The music, coming to the Teatr Muzyczny i am. Danuty Baduszkowej, doesn’t appear to run away from the action and occasional violence of the series. Just in this brief clip, we see someone supporting a severed head prop as well as the actor playing Geralt throwing exactly what appears to be a child actor off the front side of the stage.

The music is intended for people aged 15 plus older and has a staggering runtime associated with three-and-a-half hours. It opens within November.

H/T EuroGamer



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