These types of phone chargers will eliminate presented battery anxiety

These phone chargers will eliminate your low battery anxiety

Bring it on, nature.

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For everything smartphones can do nowadays, they sure don’t have a lot of electric batteries to do it. Fortunately, there’s ZeroLemon, the team of self-proclaimed smartphone lovers who take their company’s title quite literally by designing smart phone batteries and battery cases which are anything but lemons. (That would be a “lemon” in the defective sense, by the way â€? although technically the company doesn’t create the edible kind of lemon, possibly. ) 

Here are six ZeroLemon accessories that will make sure your gadgets never run out of battery once again.

The ultra-portable JuiceBox offers a massive 20100mAh-capacity battery so you can utilize it to charge virtually any device often times over. (An iPhone 7, for example , could get up to seven charges out of it. ) Plus, the JuiceBox’s built-in smart defense keeps you and your devices safe simply by preventing over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, plus short-circuiting.

Sale price: $64. 99, 35 percent from the original price of $99. 99. Purchase it here.

So you have your hands on an iPhone X, huh? This battery case protects your own brand spanking new device whilst giving it all the power it needs,  plus more than 100 percent extra battery-life courtesy of the built-in 4, 000mAh-capacity electric battery.

Sale price: $39. 99, 55 percent off the initial price of $89. 99. Buy this here.

Don’t worry, non-iPhone users â€? ZeroLemon’s got you covered, as well. This case is the world’s greatest capacity Google Pixel battery situation, whose 6500mAh-capacity battery can fruit juice up your Pixel and Pixel XL to provide up to 160 percent lengthier battery life.

Sale price: $36. 99, 63 percent from the original price of $99. 99. Purchase it here.

This light-weight, compact charger features state-of-the-art Hiffecient technology, which uses smart potato chips to identify different devices and provide related charging currents. (How neat is the fact that? ) With one USB-C interface and two standard USB slots, it’s a must-have if you need to charge several devices fast.

Sale cost: $26. 99, 46 % off the original price of $49. 99. Buy it here.

Stepping away from civilization for a while? You’ll want to possess the ToughJuice at the ready. This high-capacity external battery contains enough power to charge a smartphone up to 10 times, a MacBook once, or even tablet twice so you don’t need to get access to an outlet to charge you itens.

Sale price: $59. 99, 53 percent off the initial price of $129. 99. Buy this here.

The SolarJuice is perfect for all the off-the-grid adventurers out there: Making use of solar technology, it converts and shops the sun’s energy in a huge 26, 800mAh-capacity battery that can charge your own smartphone and power its own built-in torch. Plus, since it’s rain-resistant, dirt-proof, and shock-proof, it’s built to endure almost anything nature throws at this (or you).  

Sale cost: $46. 99, 53 % off the original price of $99. 99. Buy it here.



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