These types of Xbox Christmas ornaments are lovable, if you can get your hands on one

These Xbox Christmas ornaments are adorable, if you can get your hands on one

Gee, this year has flown by.

With Christmas mere weeks aside, there’s a whole suite of vacation products ready to be thrust in you. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Xbox Xmas ornaments are rather quite lovable â€? although getting your hands on them is really a rather strange process.

These mini versions of an Xbox A single S controller and console are created to brighten up your Christmas tree using a bit of gaming-related cheer this season.  

Unfortunately for those who already have the latest Xbox 360, you’ll only be able to get one if you do buy a console from the flagship Microsof company Store in New York or Questionnaire, Australia from Nov. 23. Boo, hiss â€? unless you needed a brand new console. In that case, good for you.

The company is also teasing 4 gold plated versions of the Xmas ornaments, which it claims to become worth more than $4, 000 every.  

However, they’ll be only launched as part of a competition on the Microsof company Store AU and Microsoft Shop NYC Facebook pages from Nov 23.  

You’ll have to be in ownership of the original non-gold plated decoration to be eligible for the competition, and catch a “creative photo” of stated ornament, according to the competition’s terms and conditions. Truthfully, it’s a bit much.

So yes, you’ll likely only be able to take a look at pretty pictures of these. Honestly, exactly why won’t people give us the particular pretty things in exchange for money?

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