This digital cocktail glass needs to ‘flip’ water into wine

This virtual cocktail glass wants to 'turn' water into wine

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This “digital glass” needs to trick your tastebuds.

Researchers on the Nationwide College of Singapore have designed a cocktail glass which is able to tricking your senses into pondering that the water you are consuming is definitely, effectively, the rest.

However how precisely does it work? In keeping with lead researcher Nimesha Ranasinghe, it targets your sense of scent, style and sight. 


The Vocktail, quick for digital cocktail, sits in a 3D-printed construction, which holds three scent cartridges and three micro airpumps. These launch “scent molecules” that can allegedly change the drinker’s notion of the flavour of the beverage. For instance, a lemon scent might be pumped out for a lemonade drink. 

“We are able to simply plug-in new smells accordingly – much like cartridges on a ink-jet printer. We’re engaged on not solely growing the variety of smells but additionally a silent launch mechanism,” Ranasinghe, of the Nationwide College of Singapore’s Keio-NUS Cute Centre, informed Mashable.


On the rim of the glass are two electrode strips. When these are available contact together with your tongue, they ship electrical pulses, which stimulates your style buds to imitate completely different tastes. It is 180 microamps for a bitter style, 80 microamps for a bitter style and 40 microamps for a bitter style. 


An LED on the backside of the Vocktail may also flash a color, which is absolutely customisable. The color could be one which corresponds to the color of the drink, so you possibly can decide a darkish crimson for crimson wine. 

All these options are managed by a cellphone app, which permit customers to customize the drink accordingly to their wants. 

As a result of it is absolutely customisable, it may very well be any drink you need it to be … in principle. 

Right here it’s in motion:

For now, the product isn’t out there commercially, however Ranasinghe says he hopes to someday be capable to introduce it throughout completely different industries, together with pubs.

“What number of instances [have] you gone to a pub and ordered a drink however you assume it [could] be a little bit extra bitter or with a touch of mint? The Vocktail might assist this,” he stated.

You're definitely gonna stand out drinking this in the pub

You are undoubtedly gonna stand out consuming this within the pub

Ranasinghe additionally added that he hoped the product may very well be additional customisable sooner or later, with the ability to change options like temperature and fizziness of the drink.

“Sooner or later we want to simulate different attributes of a beverage reminiscent of temperature, fizziness, and so on. This additionally offers customers the choice to experimentally create new flavours. Think about you wish to attempt a Mojito with a twist of chocolate or strawberry?” he informed Mashable.

This isn’t the primary time Ranasinghe’s group have launched into making such a product. 

Earlier this 12 months, they developed a ‘digital lemonade’ drink, which equally used electrodes and LED lights to imitate the style and color of lemonade. 

To be sincere, we’re undecided if a mixture of lights, electrodes and airpumps will ever be sufficient to trick your self into pondering you are consuming the newest mocktail or a glass of beer, however possibly someday, this may very well be our future. ea36 f157%2fthumb%2f00001

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