This particular Amazon Echo accessory is regrettably named DOX

This Amazon Echo accessory is unfortunately named DOX

When occur to be selling an accessory to a mic made by a company that wants entry to customers’ homes and an electronic eyesight in their bedrooms, maybe think lengthy and hard about what name a person give it. Or don’t, and just contact the damn thing “DOX. “ 

That appears to have been the approach associated with electronics manufacturer Ninety7, which this particular fall introduced the newest addition to the lineup â€? a battery pack for your Amazon Echo Dot. Unfortunately, whomever decided on the name appears to not have performed a simple Google search first. If they experienced, it would have revealed all the unflattering connotations that come along with the three-letter name.  

Specifically, that it means to distribute the personal and identifying information associated with unwilling individuals, often on the internet.

The unintentionally fitting name had been called out this week on Tweets.

To be clear, absolutely nothing is inherently wrong with a device made to allow you to “unplug and take Alexa anywhere you choose. ” Some people enjoy their Dots, and if those people are interested a battery pack so they can tote their own smart speakers along with them to the particular beach or whatever then therefore be it.  

However, when that will device’s name doubles as a maybe unintentional attempt to reclaim doxing? Properly, I don’t know, maybe take it being an opportunity to meditate on the little left over privacy you have left.  

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