This particular Cards Against Humanity competitor was developed by UCB comedians

This Cards Against Humanity competitor was created by UCB comedians

We all love Cards Towards Humanity, but by the 10th across the humor kinda wears off. You can find only so many combinations of irreverent words and phrases to choose from and it’s more about sketching the funniest cards than producing good jokes yourself.

Humans Being combines the best aspects of Cards Against Humanity, Charades, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? by allowing you to be silly with your friends to get points. The game was developed by two improvisers who carry out and teach with the top humor theaters in New York and UNA, including the Upright Citizens Brigade ALSO KNOWN AS the group that Amy Poehler co-founded.  

Long-form improvisation can audio a little intimidating, but the game’s makers, Dennis Zavolock and Amy Goerlich, worked to make the game accessible in order to anyone. Dennis’ mom provided the most beautiful blurb. “Was this Improv? Almost all I know is that I won. “

The way the game works is hard to explain but it’s not complex to play. The goal is to improvise a scene based on the other team’s suggestion and then have your group guess your secret objective. It below explains it all.

Since the game was created by skilled improvisers, every aspect of the game uses actual improv techniques like “object work” and “status transfers, ” which usually probably don’t matter to you unless of course you’re a comedy über-nerd. However it makes the game work for even the the majority of inexperienced players because the structure will there be to support it.

Like any kind of performance-based game, the more seriously a person take the game the more fun it really is. Think about how in Charades if you have a player just give up because they may want to look stupid. It’s not enjoyable for anyone and they end up looking even worse by not committing. It’s far more interesting and entertaining when everyone looks stupid together.  

Humans Being is obviously a great party video game, but when play-testing the game it grew to become clear that it’s also a great academic tool. The creators of the video game brought it to high school theatre students who apparently had a great time with it. If you’re a teacher or even are shopping for gifts for an instructor, Humans Being is a great addition to any kind of classroom.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Humans Being is now on Amazon for $35. Pick it up prior to your next gathering and show your friends just how fucking funny you are.  


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