This particular computer security lock might be much better than a password

This computer security lock might be better than a password

Use protection.

Image: gatekeeper

Sometimes passwords, regardless of how strong you think they are, just usually are enough to protect all of the sensitive info stored on your devices.  The GateKeeper 2 . 5 Wireless Bluetooth PERSONAL COMPUTER Lock is here to make sure you don’t depart yourself accidentally exposed.  

This PC lock sounds fairly impressive â€? because of its powerful Wireless bluetooth wireless key, you can log in for your computer just by entering the room. The main element allows you to adjust your login range between mere inches to up to 30 feet depending on the kinds of people a person tend to fraternize with. None of your details is stored on the key possibly, so if you lose it, you don’t danger compromising yourself.  

This PERSONAL COMPUTER lock seems to be extremely easy to use. Evidently all you have to do is enter the area and you’re logged in to your own PC—the key takes care of everything to suit your needs. Whether you’re protecting confidential healthcare data or some particularly humiliating selfies with your cat, this PERSONAL COMPUTER lock appears to be a security solution that will anyone can use and rely on.

For a limited time, the GateKeeper 2 . 5 Wireless Bluetooth PERSONAL COMPUTER Lock is available in the Mashable Shop. Deal of the hour for $59. 99, which is 50 percent off the $119. 98 cost. Mashable readers can also save an extra 15 percent off their purchase with coupon code: SAVE15.


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