This particular headphone splitter lets you share songs with up to 5 friends

This headphone splitter lets you share music with up to 5 friends

Apple is cruelly seeking to rip the headphone jack through us, but we’re not purchasing it.  

In addition to all of the reasons that have already been brought up advertisement nauseam, one problem with the missing head-phone jack is the inability to very easily use a headphone splitter to share sound. For those of us fortunate to have a jack, though � on our cell phones, computers, or audio equipment � this Belkin device is the The cadillac of headphone splitters.

The uses for this are numerous and apparent â€? more people can pay attention to what you’re listening to without disturbing people around you. Just plug the product into whatever you’re listening to plus everyone else can plug in their earphones. It’s great for traveling, classrooms, or even gaming where you want several individuals to listen to something but not the whole space.

It can also be used by beginner musicians, podcasters, and filmmakers who require to record multiple people on one microphone. Everyone will be able to hear the way they sound on mic, which is essential in order to record audio that doesn’t pull.  

You can pick up the Belkin Rockstar audio splitter on Amazon . com now. It comes in five colors and it is only $10. Stop fighting more than headphone jacks and just be thankful you have one (or five. )



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