This particular power adapter is a must-have for regular travelers

This power adapter is a must-have for frequent travelers

It can go anywhere.

Image: adam elements

Usually, once you think of a travel adapter you believe of something bulky and not too young to hog some serious area in your carry-on bag. But if a person wanted to get any work (or Instagramming) done while you’re abroad, the bulky adapter has always been an essential evil.

Oh, that small cube over there? That’s only the OMNIA TA502, aka the world’s smallest travel adapter. And don’t mistake small for less pliable â€? this baby’s got you covered in more than 150 countries. Just slide the ideal plug into place, plug this into the wall, and you’re great. The USB ports ensure you may charge all of your iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets safely.

Best of all? The OMNIA TA502 is on sale now for just $39. 99, reduced from the regular associated with $49. Translation: you can afford to seize one for you and one for your vacation buddy � so they can stop mooching off of you. Pick one up at the Mashable Shop.


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