This particular PS4 controller charging station the great gift for PS4 players

This PS4 controller charging station makes a great gift for PS4 gamers

It’s never an enjoyable time when your PS4 controller provides during an intense sequence in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy or an unwell combo in Injustice 2. Keep the controllers charged and ready with this particular USB charging station for 52% off.

This is the 2nd PS4 charging dock we’ve observed on sale via Amazon this week â€? we previously covered the first right here.

According to the product web page, the charging station that’s for sale today can simultaneously charge 2 PS4 controllers to full energy within three hours. The DIRECTED lights allow you to check your controllers’ fees at a glance: red for charging plus green for full battery. You may not have to worry about dropping combos when this particular charger’s got your back.

This charging station is normally $20, you could save $10. 40 and buy one for $9. 59.



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