This particular stylish bracelet can also charge your own iPhone

This stylish bracelet can also charge your iPhone

And it’s on sale for a limited period.

Image: Charles darius

Everyone has that buddy whose phone is always dying (and if you can’t think of one, you’re that will friend). Here’s a gift that will help all of them get their life together while each and every at the same time: the Bolt Charging Bracelets.  

The best thing about this basic bracelet is that you’ll never lose this because you’ll always be wearing this. And since it doesn’t look like an unattractive smartwatch, most people will just think it’s a normal old bracelet. Bolt balances visual, craftsmanship, and modern technology all in one band that (when pulled) turns into the thin USB to Lightning cable connection. (Sorry Android users, it just works with Apple products. )

You can usually buy one for $45. 99, which is a discount off the $75 retail price, but right now the particular Bolt Charging Bracelet is only $29. 99 for a limited time, the 60% discount. That falls correct in the gifting budget wheelhouse, therefore be sure to snag a few during this restricted time sale.

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