Thousands and thousands of unsold Snap Spectacles have been in a warehouse somewhere in Tiongkok

Hundreds of thousands of unsold Snap Spectacles are in a warehouse somewhere in China

Looks like Snap might have gotten ahead of itself.

Hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles are usually sitting in a warehouse in Tiongkok, according to an article by The Information.

Spectacles were greeted along with near fervour when they were very first introduced, leading Snap to overestimate demand, ordering “hundreds of thousands” of additional units. But when the particular hype died down soon after, the organization found itself left with a lot of units.

Keep in mind that every pair of glasses costs $129. 99, not a small sum of money.  

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel revealed previously this month that the company offers sold “over 150, 000 units” â€? which, if you take into consideration there likely a greater number sitting in the warehouse, doesn’t sound great.

According to The Information, the particular unsold inventory includes assembled components in a warehouse in China, therefore it is possible that Snap could alter the parts and use them in the new version of the Spectacles.

Still, Spiegel has downplayed the significance of hardware to Snap in the near future.  

“Our view is that hardware will be an important vehicle for delivering our own customer experience maybe in a 10 years, ” he said at a meeting earlier this month, according to information outlet TechCrunch.

“But whenever we believe it’s going to be important in a 10 years, we don’t want to be starting ten years from now. “

If a person say so , Snap.


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