Trump insists Melania ‘loves what she actually is doing’

Trump insists Melania 'loves what she is doing'

President Trump plus first lady Melania Trump are usually pushing back against a Pride Fair report that suggests the girl never wanted to be first female and that neither of them thought he’d win the presidency.

“Melania, our great and very hard working First Lady, who truly loves what she is doing, always thought that ‘if you run, you will win,’” Leader Trump tweeted on Tuesday early morning. “She would tell everyone that, ‘no doubt, he will win.’ I also felt I would win (or I would not have run) — and Country is doing great!”

A spokeswoman for Melania Trump dismissed the report, published on the web Sunday, as a partisan smear.

“Once again part of the liberal media, this time Vanity Fair, has written a story riddled with unnamed sources and false assertions,” Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s marketing communications director, said in a statement. “As a magazine tailored to women it is shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories meant to demean Mrs. Trump, rather than focus on her positive work as First Lady as a supportive wife and mother.”

A spokeswoman for Vanity Fair failed to immediately return a request for opinion.

In the report by the magazine’s Sarah Ellison, a longtime buddy of the first family told her that will Melania Trump was ill-prepared on her role in the White House. Melania Trump, a Slovenian-born former design and Trump’s third wife, at first stayed in Trump Tower along with her 11-year-old son Barron, however they moved into the White House within June.

First lady Melania Trump listens as President Trump talks during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony in the Rose Garden a week ago. (Evan Vucci/AP)

“This isn’t something she wanted and it isn’t something he ever thought he’d win,” the unnamed buddy told Ellison. “She didn’t want this come hell or high water. I don’t think she thought it was going to happen.”

But the survey also suggested that Melania Trump was the person who ultimately pushed the girl husband to run for president within 2015 after he publicly flirted with the idea for years.

“She was very clearly the one who said, ’Either run or don’t run,’” Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign agent and longtime friend, told the particular magazine. “’Your friends are tired of this striptease. Every four years you talk about it.’”

“She knew it was in his blood,” Stone added. “He always wanted to run. She is the one who pushed him to run just by saying run or do not run. I don’t think she was ever too crazy about it. … She said, ‘It’s not my thing. It’s Donald’s thing.’ And I think she understood he was going to be unhappy if he didn’t run.”

It’s not the first time Melania Trump offers responded to speculation over her correct feelings about life in the Eastern Wing.

First lady Melania Trump tours Christmas decorations at the White-colored House in Washington, D. D., on Monday. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Last month, Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s first wife, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she speaks to Trump every couple weeks â€? and that she gets a “direct number” to call your pet at the White House but hardly ever uses it.

“I [don’t] really want to call him there, because Melania is there,” Ivana Trump said. “And I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that, because I’m basically first Trump wife, OK? I’m first lady.”

“I think for her to be in Washington must be terrible,” she said associated with Melania. “It’s better her than me. I would hate Washington.”

“Mrs. Trump has made the White House a home for Barron and the President,” Grisham shot back again. “She loves living in Washington, D.C., and is honored by her role as First Lady of the United States. She plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex; this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

President Trump salutes with very first lady Melania Trump at the Equipped Services Ball in Washington, January. 20, 2017. (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)

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