Trump says congresswoman ‘fabricated what I said’

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President Trump is discussing the account of Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., who says which he told the widow of Military Sgt. La David Johnson the fact that fallen soldier “knew what he signed up for.”

“Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof),” Trump messaged on Wednesday. “Sad!”

In an interview along with CNN’s “New Day,” Wilson responded to Trump.

“I have proof too,” she said. “This man is a sick man. He’s coldhearted and he feels no pity.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the Whitened House said Trump spoke within the phone with Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia Johnson, and the families of three other Green Berets killed within an ambush in Niger on April. 4.

Wilson, who was with the grieving widow when Trump spoke along with her, said the president talked “sarcastically” when he said the particular 25-year-old soldier “knew what he signed up for.”

“But when it happens, it hurts anyway,” Trump additional, according to Wilson.

“How could you say that to a grieving widow?” Wilson informed a Miami television station soon after the phone call. “And he said it more than once. I said this man has no feelings for anyone. This is a young woman with child who is grieved to her soul.”

Wilson said that Johnson’s widow also told her that the leader did not appear to know her husband’s name.

“I asked them to give me the phone because I wanted to speak with him,” Wilson told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday evening. “And I was going to curse him out. That was my reaction at that time. I was livid. But they would not give me the phone.”

Myeshia Johnson collapses over the flag-draped casket of her husband, Military Sgt. La David Johnson, on its arrival in Florida upon Tuesday. (Screenshot: ABC Miami)

Johnson’s mom, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, told the Wa Post that Wilson’s account has been accurate.

“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Jones-Johnson said.

Trump’s response to the soldiersâ€? deaths comes under intense scrutiny this week carrying out a Rose Garden press conference where the president falsely claimed that previous Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush did not call groups of fallen soldiers.

“If you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls,” Trump mentioned. “I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it.”

On Tuesday, Trump refused in order to clarify the remarks â€? and the process he invoked White Home chief of staff John Kelly’s dead son, who died whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

“There’s nothing to clarify,” Trump said in a Sibel News Radio interview. “I think I’ve called every family of somebody that’s died, and it’s the hardest call to make. And I said it very loud and clear yesterday. The hardest thing for me to do is do that. Now, as far as other representatives, I don’t know. I mean, you could ask Gen. Kelly did he get a call from Obama. You could ask other people. I don’t know what Obama’s policy was. I write letters, and I also call.”

Trump produced the calls to the four groups of soldiers killed in Niger upon Tuesday afternoon, more than 12 times after their deaths.

“President Trump spoke to all four of the families of those who were killed in action in Niger,” Whitened House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement late Wednesday. “He offered condolences on behalf of a grateful nation and assured them their family’s extraordinary sacrifice to the country will never be forgotten.”

Frederica Wilson, Donald Trump. (Photo: Alan Diaz/AP, Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

On “New Day,” Wilson said that she hopes to request a classified briefing from the Defense Department about the lethal ambush.

“This might wind up to be Mr. Trump’s Benghazi,” Wilson said.

Speaking to reporters at the White Home late Wednesday morning, Trump once again disputed Wilson’s account of their call with Johnson’s widow â€? and falsely claimed the Lakewood ranch Democrat had since taken it in return.

“I didn’t say what that congresswoman said; didn’t say it all,” the president said. “She knows it. And she now is not saying it. I did not say what she said, and I’d like her to make the statement again because I did not say what she said. I had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who was — sounded like a lovely woman. Did not say what the congresswoman said, and most people aren’t too surprised to hear that.”

Trump added: “Let her make her statement again.”

Wilson, who had currently repeated her assertions on MSNBC and ABC’s “The View,” did etc Twitter as well.

“I still stand by my account of the call [between] @realDonaldTrump and Myeshia Johnson,” Wilson messaged. “That is her name, Mr. Trump. Not ‘the woman’ or ‘the wife.’”

During a White-colored House press briefing on Wed afternoon, press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked what “proof” Trump had that Wilson “totally fabricated” their remarks, and whether there were songs of his conversation with Johnson’s widow.

“No but there were several people in the room from the administration that were on the call, including the chief of staff,” Sanders said.

Sanders was also asked whether the president offers called the families of every soldier that has died since taking office � something Trump claimed Tuesday yet later was disputed by the Related Press.

“The president has made contact with all of the families that have been presented to him through the White House military office,” Sanders said.

She added: “It is appalling and disgusting what the congresswoman has been doing.”

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